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01:00 PM
Grounding Our Values in Data: the Financial Health of Community-Based Development Organizations
Location: Virtual

Nationally, $27.7 billion was driven through 5,720 community-based development organizations (CBDOs) in 2018, according to a first-of-its-kind study on their financial health. Initiated by NACEDA with data collected by the Urban Institute, the study culminates almost 18 months of research that reached back almost 20 years into CBDO tax filings. During this summit session, experts will use data and experience to offer a snapshot of the CBDO field. Hear from NACEDA, the lead researchers, and CBDOs about what this information could mean for community developers.

Speakers: Kathy Flanagan Payton, Fifth Ward Community Development Corporation; Stephen Glaude, Coalition for Non-Profit Housing and Economic Development; Joy Johnson, Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc.; Marietta Rodriguez, NeighborWorks America; Dr. Corianne Scally, Urban Institute; Sarah Stevenson, Innovative Housing, Inc., Frank Woodruff, NACEDA

02:30 PM
Exploring the Grounding Values Regional Fact Sheets
Location: Virtual

Need to know about the financial health of nonprofit community developers in your region, state, or MSA? Look no further than the regional fact sheets accompanying NACEDA’s Grounding Values research. With over 140 factsheets, there’s a wealth of information to explore. We'll go through in detail what you can find on the fact sheets and how to access them. Then, we'll engage in small group discussions about ways you might use this information to improve member services, advocacy strategy, and resource development.

Speakers & Facilitators: Daniel Galindo, Woodforest National Bank; Samuel Diller, South Florida Community Development Coalition; Ruth Johnson, Community Development Advocates of Detroit; Sharon Legenza, Housing Action Illinois; Deveney Perry, BLDG Memphis; Chanse Sonsalla, NACEDA; Alena Speed, Homebase Cincinnati; Loren Tierney, Housing Development Consortium of Seattle-King County

04:00 PM
Policy, Resources, Capacity Building & the Future of Community-Based Development Organizations
Location: Virtual

NACEDA’s Grounding Values research has begun to reveal where the field of community-based development organizations has been and what the field has become — but where do we need to go next? Where does your organization fit in this sector’s future? What are the equity implications this data may suggest? A panel of sector stakeholders — funders, advocates, capacity builders, and leaders — will discuss the recommendations of the report, the realities of implementing these changes, and actionable ways for those who care about this field to take next steps.

Speakers: Seema Agnani, National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development; Andrew Dumont, Federal Reserve Bank; Kevin Morris, NeighborWorks America; Chris Walker, Consultant; Frank Woodruff, NACEDA; Hannah Hasan, Epoch Tribe