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THURSDAY, MAY 5 — Eastern Time

01:00 PM - 02:15 PM
Housing & Community Development: What to Expect from Washington in 2022
Location: Virtual

The federal housing and community development agenda is muddy as we enter 2022. The relative priorities among Federal legislators and the Biden Administration are shifting. That said, there are opportunities to impact the federal budget, program regulations, and even a chance to launch a new national tax credit program before the midterm elections. National policy advocates will be on hand to break it all down, providing what you need to know in 2022.

Welcome speakers: Mercedeh Mortazavi, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Aris Kian, Poet
Panel discussion: Matt Josephs, LISC; Claudia Wilson Randall, Community Development Network of Maryland; Kristin Siglin, National Community Stabilization Trust; Frank Woodruff, NACEDA. Scroll down for speaker bios.

02:30 PM - 03:30 PM
Member Peer Group: Reinvigorating Member Engagement Amidst Pandemic Fatigue
Location: Virtual

The COVID-era has added challenges for your members, with everything from mundane Zoom gloom to unprecedented rental assistance needs. How are you breaking through (or not) to keep your members engaged with your network? Participate in this peer-learning space to discuss your successes, challenges, and opportunities with member engagement. We'll take a holistic approach, engaging mindfully with our own strains and exploring strategies to engage members.

Speakers: Kiki Poe, East Bay Housing Organizations.; Jocelyn Smith, Georgia Advancing Communities Together (Georgia ACT); Maggie Kentilitisca, NACEDA. Scroll down for speaker bios.

This peer group session is for NACEDA members only.

02:30 PM - 03:30 PM
Communications Peer Group: Engaging the Media in Our Advocacy Priorities
Location: Virtual

How can NACEDA members get the press to focus on policies and programs that affect low-income communities? How can we raise the voices of community developers in the media? Learn from an investigative reporter on the housing beat and a NACEDA member who has been particularly successful at getting positive press coverage. Be ready to ask questions and share your experiences.

Facilitators: Shelby King, Investigative Reporter, Shelterforce; Nina Rainiero, Housing & Community Development Network of New Jersey. Scroll down for speaker bios.

This peer group session is for NACEDA members only.

02:30 PM - 03:30 PM
Policy Peer Group: Advancing State & Local Policy Priorities
Location: Virtual

What state and local policies are NACEDA members advocating for to advance equity, community capacity, and local prosperity? Which policy priorities are progressing — and which are not? Come, connect with policy folks at community development associations across the country. Learn how they're using state and local resources and policies to improve their communities.

Facilitators: Jessica AcMoody, Community Economic Development Association Michigan; Rick Sauer of the Philadelphia Association of Community Development. Scroll down for speaker bios.

This peer group session is for NACEDA members only.

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Influencing State Ecosystems — Lessons from Creative Placemaking
Location: Virtual

NACEDA members partnered with arts and cultural organizations in their states to examine how to strengthen state “ecosystems” for creative placemaking. They explored how policymakers and financial institutions engage in creative placemaking, and how they could expand access to resources and capacity-building opportunities for local organizations. Find out what NACEDA members and partners are discovering at the intersection of community development and arts & culture – and how these lessons can be used to advance racial equity and strengthen ecosystems for other community development initiatives.

Speakers: Krystian Reyes, Woodforest National Bank; Alison Zarider, Texas Association of Community Development Corporations; Kelvin Boddy and/or Sharon Barker, Housing & Community Development Network of New Jersey; Jeremy Brownlee, NACEDA. Scroll down for speaker bios.

Jessica AcMoody

Community Economic Development Association of Michigan

Sharon Barker

Housing & Community Development Network of New Jersey

Kelvin Boddy

Housing & Community Development Network of New Jersey

Jeremy Brownlee


Matt Josephs


Maggie Kentilitisca


Aris Kian


Shelby King


Mercedeh Mortazavi

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Kiki Poe

East Bay Housing Organizations

Nina Rainiero

Housing & Community Development Network of New Jersey

Claudia Wilson Randall

Community Development Network of Maryland

Krystian Reyes

Woodforest National Bank

Rick Sauer

Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations

Kristin Siglin

National Community Stabilization Trust

Jocelyn Smith

Georgia Advancing Communities Together

Frank Woodruff


Alison Zarider

Researcher & Organizer

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The May 5 Summit is made possible by JPMorgan Chase. Their generous support strengthens the capacity of community developers to advance an equitable recovery in low-income communities.