Alison Zarider
Researcher & Organizer

Alison Zarider served as the Program Manager at the Texas Association of Community Development Corporations (TACDC), a nonprofit statewide trade association of CDCs and other housing stakeholders. At TACDC, Alison coordinated several regional and state-wide coalitions, conducted grant writing and research, organized in-person and virtual events, and supported TACDC’s policy and advocacy work. Alison played a key role in the development of the Texas Creative Placemaking Initiative (TXCPI), an emerging network of community development practitioners, artists, arts organizations, and community members who want to build, foster, and support equitable and vibrant arts-based community development practices in Texas. Alison currently serves as the Board Secretary for the Austin Housing Coalition. Prior to her work at TACDC, Alison taught English as a second language to students in South Korea and Thailand. Alison received her bachelor's degree from Kenyon College where she was awarded distinction in sociology. Alison is seeking new opportunities and would love to connect via email at